Slab City: The Last Free Place in America

“Anyone want to go to the hot springs in the morning?”

Hippie broth was loving term for the hot springs while my friends and I were staying in Slab city. We arrived in the LOWs area around mid day. Some of my friends who had arrived before filled us in on a gentleman who was asking them to pay a fee to park in the LOWs. This we decided was not enforceable but we kept on our guard for anything out of the ordinary.


The LOWs of Slab city is probably the safest place to stay. I would still recommend going with friends the first few times until you get accustom to the area. The people of Slab city who I had conversations with were harmless and interesting.


There are quite a few local musicians with there own weekly shows and gatherings. Monday or Tuesday night is music at the Ponderosa. Monday and Thursday’s the VIP’er Lounge has a mid day show. Saturday nights are fun at The Range. All throughout the day or week though something is happening. People like to hang out. They do have food at the shows and they ask for donations.

Make sure to check out East Jesus and Jack over at West Satan. East Jesus is a beautiful art montage of trash. West Satan is in the same area of East Jesus but is also Jack’s house. If you would like a peek into the life of Slab city look up “You Don’t Know Jack” on Vimeo. 


When I was there with our group it happened to be the annual Talent Show at The Range. People came from all over to get up on stage or watch the different talents. There was no auditions only putting your name on Builder Bill’s list. It started around noon and went to the wee hours of the night. I met some very interesting people.

I would recommend going in the winter months. Probably January and February before it gets too hot. This is just a little sneak peek into my stay in Slab City but go for yourself and make your own memories.


Yours Truly,


©Curious Karli


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