15 Cool Gadgets!

I was recently at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous where we had a seminar about gadgets. I was very intrigued by the assortment of items people had brought. Here I will show you some of the gadgets people use on the road.

What is super cool about this list is only a couple of them are over $50! I hope this list helps.

Yours Truly,


©Curious Karli


3 thoughts on “15 Cool Gadgets!

  1. Karli, I watched your video that Pandamonium vlogged and my question is how efficient is the Goal Zero products? I’ve researched the customer reviews from REI about the Goal Zero. I only need to power up an Apple, iMac, Mac-Pro, iPad, and iPhone.

    How durable are the products and I was going to purchase the 150 inverter along with the Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit with Nomad 7 Solar Panel?

    Any opinions you have will be appreciated.

    My site link is http://www.007pandas.com
    Expedition Overlanding Nomadic Adventurer.

    Marty Leake 🙂


    1. Hey Marty,

      I really like my goal zero products. They work great in direct sunlight for long hours otherwise the charging is weak. I charge my laptop, mifi, and iPad off of my yeti 150 and venture 30. I can get each device charged about twice. The more panels you have the quicker the yeti and venture charge. Or you can 12volt or house charge them. They yeti will hold its charge for 3 months+ although I have afire d whose yeti won’t keep a charge but he still uses it. I hope this info helps!
      Happy Travels!

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