Living on the Road Series

I am starting a living on the road Series to give tips and tricks about how I have survived the last seven months on the road. I will also add ideas I have heard from the vehicle dwelling community. There are several communities based around vehicle dwelling! My recent experience has been with Bob at his Rubber Tramp Rendevous. I learned so much from the seminars and being able to have discussions with like-minded people about this amazing lifestyle. I’ve told myself that as long as I have money, I will be traveling.

For me the West Coast offers more opportunity. BLM land and I am from the northwest makes me feel a little more comfortable.

I spent 5 months on the East coast pretty much stressed out the whole time. I love my experiences and meeting up with amazing friends, but when I didn’t have a destination it was easy to lose heart. Obviously it wasn’t a detriment to my journey because I am still on the road loving life. I am just learning new lessons everyday. Creating new brain synapsids!

I hope these next posts help you improve or reassure your experiences on the road.

Living on the Road Series: Where to Camp for FREE!

Living On The Road: Budget

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