A Girls Guide to Rocking The Van Life

You might be asking “Why would any women willingly give up all the comforts that a stationary home provides?” Well I am here to say that I am among many amazing women who find that there is adventure out there when you leave comforts behind.

Yes, I was afraid. Yes, I was stressed. And yes, I didn’t know what I was doing. But here I am over 8 months later alive and well. I have a plethora of stories and pictures to share. I am really excited about life. I feel like I have accomplished another goal! I wanted to live all on my own, in a van and I did it. I am doing it!

The key to rocking the van life is being prepared for anything, mentally and physically. While also releasing stresses and burdens you have had from years of stationary life. I have had a few mental break downs and many long talks with myself. I found that giving my brain the space to think about whatever it wanted, figured out some old baggage I didn’t know I had. I also found some neat new ways of exploring life from all my new friends. Here are some things I have done that made my van life experiences better.

  1. Be Aware: Always have a way out of sketchy situations. Don’t get cornered or taken advantage of. Animals can be just as scary as humans. Stop driving in bad storms. Start driving out of bad parking lots. Use your womanly intuition!
  2. Make friends: You don’t need to inform every person you meet what you are doing but you should still go out and talk to people if only for your sanity every once in a while.
  3. Share your time(you have so much extra time while on the road): People watch, open the door for others, help someone with their groceries. When you are in a new area just explore the people and ask questions. It helps you get to know the town.
  4. Don’t be afraid: When I first started I thought it was stamped on my forehead that I lived in my van. That people could smell it on me or something. Not the case. People don’t really care and would much rather talk about themselves. I went on the road to learn more about everyone else and not to be more insecure about myself.
  5. Lastly, take it slow: Don’t rush. I know I tend to rush from one thing to the next and maybe I should have slowed down a bit. I love seeing new things but when you find that magical campsite stay there and explore it. I have found some pretty sweet places around the country. I will post a list soon 🙂

So is rocking the van life easier than you thought? I hope so! I really do wish more people would jump out of their comfort zones and head out as soon as they can! I could have waited and saved up a bunch more money but I saw that my goal wasn’t to be living high off the hog but more of getting in touch with my surroundings.

Your Truly,


©Curious Karli

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