My No Fridge Grocery List(VANLIFE)

As a single women living in my van I tend to have things as simple as possible. Too many gadgets and something is bound to break that I can’t fix. So I don’t have a 12 volt refrigerator or freezer. All I have is 2 coolers and storage tub for food.

My goal when I go into a grocery store(usually Walmart) is to spend less than $50 and get enough to last me a week. I know that the more times a week I go into a store the more things I buy that I didn’t need to buy.

That being said I do have a mental check list of items that I tend to get every time I go grocery shopping.

My Grocery List:

Your Truly,


P.S. Here is a video I made! I went grocery shopping!

©Curious Karli

Featured Photo Credit – @herbal_mint

4 thoughts on “My No Fridge Grocery List(VANLIFE)

  1. The only thing I would add to that list is taco seasoning 😁 makes plane ol’ beans and rice into an amazing dish you can have as nachos,tacos,or burritos. Tortilla’s also last longer then bread.

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  2. Glad to see lots of fresh produce! If you buy eggs from a local farmer, then they will stay fresh out of the fridge longer. Also, for taco seasoning, it’s really easy to make a big batch of it for much cheaper than always buying packets.

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  3. Very groovy! I have a fridge for when I am hooked to shore power, but I am spending 2 weeks straight boondocking and your post is great. Wonderful information.


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