Living on the Road Series: Where to Camp for FREE!

Whether you are on the move everyday or want to stay put for a while you need a comfortable place to sleep. My most anxious part of my day was finding where I was going to park for the night and not pay a dime. I once spent five hours trying to find a decent spot to park and ended up parking in a tow zone. Thankfully I was not towed but I was nervous the whole night.

Planning ahead helps a lot but if you aren’t that type of person here are some tricks to help you find a decent and most likely a safe place to sleep. Not all of theses tips work for all types of vehicles. I drive a dodge van high top so I have a little bit of stealth and can park almost anywhere.

  • BLM and National Forest land
  • Most Walmart’s
  • Casino’s are awesome!
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Here are some free campsites I have been to 🙂
  • Cabela’s
  • Most Rest Stops
  • Truck Stops- Shower!
  • 24 hr stores or restaurants- If they do not have any signs posted saying otherwise.
  • Residential Streets- Here’s two tricks: 1. Park after dark and leave before sunrise. 2. If in doubt. Park and walk a block in each direction. You are sure to find a good spot nearby.
  • McDonald’s- If you are a smaller vehicle like mine they don’t bug you. I have parked at probably 5-10 McDonald’s overnight in different states and I was never once asked to leave. I only stay one night at a time.
  • Hospitals I have heard are really good. I haven’t tried it myself.

If you do get told to leave by Police officer ask them where would be a good free spot for you to park for the night. I have been woke up a hand full of times and they usually have a good suggestion.

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©Curious Karli

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