How to be Sick on the Road?

Okay, so technically I am still sick but I thought I would share my story of the last few days. Maybe I should start with the last month.

Last month I was told the whole town of Parker, Arizona got the flu. Well, slowly but surely my nomadic friends in the area were coming down with the bug. I know of at least a dozen people who go the flu in January in this area. Its that time of the year and its extremely contagious. On my last night in Slab City a close friend of mine felt something start forming in his lungs. Five days later he is finally recovering and I basically got over the 24 hour flu. I had overeaten a spaghetti dinner and my body decided it didn’t want it anymore. The headache and nausea was my worst demons but I took a couple green liquid cold and flu pills which knocked me out for the night. I woke up feeling a lot better.

How I dealt with this sickness was not eating anything and sipping water as often as I could. Drinking water and sleeping as much as possible were the two most important factors I think to my recovery. In these last couple days I have been recovering I find that the BRAT diet (Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) is the best way to go. My stomach just won’t settle if I eat anything else. There is a pretty big list of things to avoid when your stomach is tender from being sick. Some of things to avoid are caffeine, citrus, sugar, fatty foods, dairy, and more.

I’ll say it again and I know its pretty obvious but let your body sleep. Sleeping off the sickness is the most dependable way to feel better. Your body has the built in recovery power of sleep. So let it do its thing.

I hope these tips will help you the next time you find yourself under the weather.


Yours Truly,


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