March 2018 Newsletter

Hey Guys,

Yeah… March has been pretty darn cool.

I just wanted to do a little update on my life as far as my travels and experiences through this last month.

If you didn’t notice I put out a video pretty much every day in March which was great! But also very time consuming. I got on the bandwagon and started a Patreon account for Curious Karli. And got my first two patrons! Thank you so much Draco and Ivan!

I explored many places around Tucson, Phoenix, Parker, and Sedona. There were amazing campsites and all with great views of the sunrises and sunsets. It was a magical month of exploring Arizona and showing everyone through my videos. My mom said she would have her morning cup of coffee with me (well with my videos at least!).

I feel like I am getting better at editing videos and picking the subject choices for them. I changed my intro and ending to my videos to help the editing process and bring more spunk to the channel. I have been hinting towards making stickers available for those who want to show their “Curious” love. The Curious Karli adventure within my traveling van lifestyle is just as crazy of a roller coaster!

I check video comments as much as I can and it really helps to get feedback, comments, and questions from my subscribers because I am doing the videos as much for me as for them. I am a self taught video editor with a very basic program. It has been quite a struggle to become more comfortable in front of the camera and take decent quality videos. I am looking to upgrade some items of my camera gear but I haven’t decided what I should go for first….

I had some expenses through this last month, new tires, broken camera, getting sick…. but I made it through just fine. Some very giving supporters donated towards my expenses which was OUT OF THIS WORLD, AMAZING! I never expected to have strangers feel so much compassion towards my life and openly give to me. I am forever grateful!

All in all March was a month to remember for these reasons and many more! I am so happy to have found such a great lifestyle and a great group of friends to experience it with. I hope to have many more marvelous months of magical mayhem…. haha

Yours Truly,





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