What is Next?

It is September 13th 2018. I am sitting at a public library in Newport, Oregon waiting for the vlog video I made last night to upload. The internet here is very slow unfortunately. But fortunately for you I have a moment to write a blog, something I haven’t done in a while.

Not only is it September but the weather also is informing me of the change from summer to fall. I am wearing a jacket most days now and even dug out my winter hat.

I am physically wandering up the Oregon coast but mentally I am trying to heal. I have had many things weighing me down and the process of releasing my mental space is taking awhile. I am not one to share too many emotional things with others and especially strangers, sorry. But I will say that I have a broken heart and rational thinking is difficult to find throughout that process. I can tell myself to brush my teeth, eat breakfast, take a walk, and I am very capable and able to do it. I haven’t been able to tell my mind(effectively) to be quiet. And even sometimes when it is quiet I still feel this weighted cloud hovering over me. I do feel lost at times and each day has its own challenges. I have been doing the the two steps forward, three steps back thing. But I am sure you can relate so I won’t go into anymore detail.

I have new things on the horizon like checking off another continent on my bucketlist. Cambodia here I come. It less than a month away and I was just looking up travel insurance(something I have never bought) to see if it would be worth it. We shall see if I get it or not. I am also attempting to go back full force on YouTube again. In March I was able to almost upload a video every day of the month. Now its September and I am attempting the challenge again. So far so good.

The whole summer has basically happened since the last blog post I guess I should catch you up on somethings that happened. I toured Utah and Idaho throughout April and May. I started my first day at work this year on May 15th. In August I finally held my first “Meet Up” that I had been hinting towards since spring time. It went quite well and I think everyone had a good time. Recently I hit 3,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel and I am incredibly thankful for all the nice people who enjoy watching me fumble around with a camera. I am sure there are other things that happened but there are a few of the highlights.

What is next? I am as I said driving up the coast of Oregon into Washington because I havent explored this area in the van yet. I have about three weeks to visit with friends before I fly off to distant lands. I will be continuing to make video logs of my journey throughout my time on the road and into Asia. I also have sequence of plans. If “Plan A” happens I will stay in Southeast Asia for more than a month and do whatever is keeping me there. If “Plan A” doesn’t happen “Plan B” is to take my return ticket back to the States, jump into the van and head to the Van Build Party in Arizona. “Plan C” is to stay with my parents if for some reason I become to broke to travel. Yay for planning. I guess this is my way of being spontanious… making multiple plans. Ha.

Projects?? Yes, I am not only a planner but also a project oriented person. I can thank my private schooling days for that. I am wanting to write a book. Just a short, little autiobiographical guide to living in a van. I have loved the creative form of writing since my school days but I never got very good grades in it. As an adult I now know I will not be given a grade so I don’t need to write to impress a teacher… who is usually not impressed. I am queen of bad grammar. If you haven’t noticed already… by the way I am not having anyone proof read this so i am so sorry if it is difficult to read

Thank you for reading this and I hope your day is going well. I am hopefully going to get this video all the way uploaded before the library closes *finger crossed*.


One thought on “What is Next?

  1. Sending you some good mojo. Southeast Asia is great at clearing out the funk. I know it’s easy to say, but focus on Cambodia and screw everything else. You’re going to have a blast on this new adventure. You got this.


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